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Diskusi Foto Kembang Kuning (Gele Bloem)


Pembicara : Marjolein van Pagee (Fotografer-Kembang Kuning)

Penanggap : Realisa Massardi (Poros Photo)

Waktu dan Tempat : Sabtu 29 Maret 2014, pukul 19.00-21.00
Omah Poros
Jln. Kutilang P-26-27, Perum Sidoarum Blok III RW 16
Godean, Sleman, Jogjakarta

Marjolein van Pagee (1987) is a documentary photographer from the Netherlands. She worked for more then four years on her photo-project Kembang Kuning about the Independence War 1945-1949. Marjolein interviewed and portrayed both Dutch as Indonesian veterans who fought against each other.

This history gots her attention when she found an old yellowed portrait of her grandfather. She found out he was send as a Marine to Surabaya.
Unfortunately he passed away in 2005 and never told about his experiences in Indonesia. But after research she was able to trace his steps.

In 2010 and 2012 she traveled to Indonesia to meet the Surabaya heroes and learn about their story too. She also traveled through East Java and photographed the sites relates to the history. For example the beach near Tuban where the Dutch Marines landed and started the 2nd aggression.

The title Kembang Kuning is named after the Dutch field of honor at Surabaya.
She regrets that this history is skipped from the schoolbooks in the Netherlands.

Currently Marjolein is for six months in Indonesia to work on the text for the book she wants to publish.

Her work is exhibited in the Netherlands, Indonesia, United States and China and several magazines and newspapers wrote about her project.


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