Application Process

For International applicants please login at and choose Master of Anthropology.
Required documents to be upload:

  1. Photo*
  2. Passport*
  3. Most recent Graduation Certificate*
  4. Most recent Academic Transcript*
  5. Motivation Letter/ Letter of Intention*
  6. English Proficiency Test (IELTS/ ITP-TOEFL/ iBT)*
  7. Health Certificate*
  8. Recommendation Letter from Indonesian embassy/consulate at your home country*

Please make sure that your file capacity less than 200kb for each document in *.jpeg format. For your information data and documents are marked * are mandatory, while others are not required or uploaded in online system.


We strongly suggest that to visit Indonesia, you do not use visas other than the limited stay visa (commonly called VITAS), because inconveniences may occur. For example, if your stay is for study purpose, which requires the VKSB (Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya/Social and Cultural Visit Visa), you will normally be granted a permit for 2 month’s stay. You will, however, need to extend your visa at your local immigration office every month for the whole duration of 6 months. Furthermore, you will have to apply for a new visa from the nearest Indonesian Embassy (this means that you will have to leave Indonesia) after 6 month’s stay.

Visa types and application procedures for stay permit

  1. Types of visas for staying in Indonesia.
  2. Diplomatic Visa
  3. Working Visa
  4. Tourist Visa
  5. Socio-cultural Visa
  6. Limited Stay Visa

The appropriate visas for international students who wish to study in Indonesia is the Limited Stay Visa. This is issued by the Directorate General of the Immigration Office in Jakarta.

  1. Application procedures for Limited Stay Visas.

There are two ways in obtaining Limited Stay Visas for international students who wish to study in Indonesia.

  1. International students who are still in their country of origin and will visit Indonesia with the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS)/one year visa Procedure:
  2. After the issuance of study permit by the Foreign Affairs Bureau and the National Education Ministry, the university requests a Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) for international students from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta. The University or its representative can help arrange the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) if students submit: • 3 passport-size photographs • a copy of valid passport • a curriculum vitae or resume
  3. The Director General of Immigration issues the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) through the Indonesian embassy/consulate in their home country
  4. International Students apply for the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) through the Indonesian embassy/consulate in their home country
  5. With the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS), international students may visit Indonesia and the respective university.
  6. The university submits the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) and requests the Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) from the local Immigration Office and Police Registration Card (SKLD) from the local Police Station.
  7. Applicants visiting Indonesia with the Social-Cultural Visit Visa Procedure:
  8. Applicants may use the Social-Cultural Visit Visa from Indonesian embassy/consulate and the study permit to enroll in the university.
  9. If the applicant is admitted, the university will request a study permit from the Ministry of National Education
  10. After the study permit has been issued, the university will request the local immigration office to convert the immigration status of the Social-Cultural Visit Visa to the VITAS.
  11. The head of the Local immigration office will send the conversion proposal to the Immigration Central Office in Jakarta through the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
  12. The Immigration Central Office in Jakarta can only give approval on the conversion request after the students have stayed for 2 months.
  13. Subject to approval for conversion, students may apply for the KITAS from the local immigration office and the Police registration card from the local Police Station.

In order to extend the stay permit, the university will regularly request an extension of the KITAS of its international students on a yearly basis from the local immigration office based on the duration of the permit. The University will forward the KITAS to the Directorate General of Higher Education. Arrangement of KITAS for international students studying in institutions which are not under the National Education Ministry will be handled by the institutions themselves. Once the extended stay permit is granted, the international students should obtain the SKLD.

For further information please kindly contact: Ms. Swety Firmanti (, Office of International Cooperation, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada or kindly check the link here.