Student Workspace

Department of Anthropology Faculty of Cultural Sciences Universitas Gadjah Mada provides workspace facilities for students. The workspace is located on the 5th floor of Gedung Soegondo opposite the Laboratorium Antropologi (LAURA) Room . The Workspace or sometimes known as Ruang Baca provided by the Department of Anthropology is sufficient to be used jointly by undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. This shows the learning process in the Department of Anthropology is not hindered by the limits of their scientific level. In the workspace, students can discuss with each other about supporting learning and teaching activities. In addition to opposite the laboratory, the workspace is also adjacent to the reference service and near the available classrooms of the Department of Anthropology itself.

Opening Hours

Students Workspace or Ruang Baca are accessible to students on weekday throughout Monday-Friday and on weekends. Students can use the workspace facilities from 08.00-20.00 WIB. Students of the Department of Anthropology are free to use all facilities contained in the workspace responsibly.

Work Facilities

The workspace is equipped with several tables that are designed for individual use and several tables for group use. Students who want to read and work individually can use individual desk facilities. While students who want to discuss or do group work, can use the group table facilities. Each reading and work desk has a comfortable and ergonomic chair. This workspace has good lighting so that without turning on the lights in the morning and afternoon the work activities of anthropology department students will not be disturbed.