Thesis and Judicial Examination


Thesis Exam Submission File Requirements

  1. Originality Report (Plagiarism) Results
  2. Thesis File 3 bendel that has been in ACC by the Thesis Guidance Lecturer (DPT) and the Publication Manuscript.
  3. Proof of Submit Journal attached manuscript journal
  4. 1 Last Score Transcript Sheet
  5. 3 Color Photo Pass Sheet size 3×4 cm.
  6. 1 Copy photo sheet accept certificate
  7. 1 Copy photo sheet paps certificate
  8. The No. Phone/no. HP can be contacted to inform the exam schedule.

Thesis Exam Submission Procedure

  1. After obtaining acc from the Thesis Guidance Lecturer, please check plagiarism by sending the manuscript in softcopy form* to with the subject: Turnitin_Jenis Naskah_Departemen/Prodi_Nama Complete accompanied by an introductory sentence on the body email (if the check result is less than 20% please continue the next stage).
  2. Further information about the procedure** and other provisions please contact the FIB Journal and Publishing Manager via email at point 1 or whatsapp 089619714482 (Sdr). Yoga).
  3. Enter all requirements in a free blank color folder with their name, student number, and course of study.
  4. Submit thesis manuscripts and publication manuscripts that have been approved / endorsed by the guide as many as 3 copies. Please note the manuscript is not volumeed hard cover first, ordinary volume, red cover color.
  5. While waiting for the thesis exam schedule, students must actively communicate with the FIB UGM PPs Office.
  6. If there are other things that are not clear please immediately ask directly to the Secretariat of PPs FIB UGM or call to the 513096 Psw. 114, and 0811-250-5868 (Vero).
  7. Before the entire thesis exam requirement is complete, the exam will not be processed.


* File format in the form of .pdf or .docx and the total number of pages ≤400 things, if more than that number then the file should be divided into two or more parts (first file 1-400; second file 401-etc.)

** The results of the check will be sent by email for a maximum of 3 business days after the day of file submission, if a recheck is required please repeat the application process in accordance with the initial procedure required by the FIB Journal and Publishing Manager

Judicial Application Requirements S2

  1. Self-upload certificate template*
  2. S2-14 (Thesis Exam Event News) – (1 original sheet)
  3. S2-15 (Thesis Exam Event News) – (1 original sheet)
  4. AcEPT/TOEFL Certificate (1 copy)
  5. PAPS/TPA certificate (1 copy)
  6. Thesis Endorsement Sheet (1 original sheet)*
  7. Publication Manuscript Endorsement Sheet (Indonesian and English 1 Original Sheet each)
  8. Certificate of SPP From the Finance Department of UGM Graduate School*
  9. Photo Copy of Diploma S1 (1 sheet)
  10. Recap of Study Results (Semester I to Final Semester, 1 double)**
  11. Proof of Journal Submit attached manuscript journal (For Students S2 Class TA 2016 etc)


* The form can be downloaded via the following link

** Please contact PPs FIB UGM

Graduation Requirements S2

  1. The latest 3 x 4 black and white 3 sheets of doff paper, the position of the body is firmly facing forward, the position of the body should not be tilted, specifically men are required to wear complete civilian clothes (suits and ties), women wear black blazers.
  2. ORIGINAL Student Id Card (which is still valid), or Student Card (ATM) that has been closed (etcubangi) at Bank BNI. (if the missing KTM is replaced by a certificate of loss from the local police)
  3. K. Free to Borrow Library and Proof of Submission of Thesis and CD PROGRAM PDF from UGM Graduate School Library
  4. Toga Loan Form

Judicial Registration Flow

  1. Enroll as a judicially eligible student online through the link
  2. Collect judicial files no later than the 20th of each month (files entered in folders) to the Secretariat of PPs FIB UGM or call to the 513096 Psw. 114, and 0811-250-5868 (Vero). If the 20th coincides with a holiday, Saturday, or Sunday, then the file is collected the following Monday.
  3. After the process of collecting files to the Secretariat of PPs FIB UGM is completed, please complete the graduation data at SIMASTER
  4. Then send the graduation requirements to the Secretariat of PPs FIB UGM