Anthropology Laboratory

LAURA (Laboratorium Antropologi) is a working team under the Department of Anthropology that produces cultural studies that are useful for realizing a cultured society, upholding cultural diversity, respecting local wisdom, universal human values, through applied research and policy, education/ training, and action programs.

To support Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi, Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada established a research division under the name of Laboratorium Antropologi (LAURA). This research body was established to conduct research – both basic and applied – and community empowerment. Since its establishment in 2007 LAURA has organized various cultural studies and resource development activities. The existence of LAURA as the research division of the Department of Anthropology, is expected to be a division that is able to facilitate the agenda of the Department of Anthropology in developing research, training, empowerment, and publishing programs. Through LAURA, lecturers, students, alumni and partners can work together to respond to various issues, problems, theoretical thinking, and various needs for community development in the era of modernization, globalization, and democracy. LAURA is very open to various forms of research activities and cooperation with both government and private parties; nationally and internationally.


Produce cultural studies that are useful for creating a cultured society, upholding diversity (multiculturalism), respecting local wisdom, and universal human values.

The Mission of the

  1. The realization of a society that upholds universal human values and is expressed in various local cultures.
  2. The realization of a multicultural society in Indonesia.
  3. The realization of economic and social rights in marginalized communities and ethnic and community.
  4. The realization of a society that is adaptive, prudent, and able to anticipate climate change.
  5. The realization of a society that upholds independence and self-empowerment.
  6. A society that values justice and equality.

Structure of institutions

Chairman Prof. Dr. Paschalis Maria Laksono, M.A.
Responsible Muhammad Zamzam Fauzanafi, S.Ant., M.a.
Researchers 1. All lecturers from Department of Anthropology
2. Guest lecturer (domestic)
3. Guest lecturer (abroad)
Research Assistant Kiki Koesuma Kristi, S.Ant., M.a.
Franciscus Apriwan, S.Ant
Olga Aurora Nandiswara, S.Ant.
Citta Tresnati, S.Ant.
Amelia Rugun Sirait

Research History

2010-2015 REDD+ in Comparative Perspective
2010 Women’s Participation in the Recovery of Post-Eruption Condition of Merapi
2011 Social Transportation Survey in Yogyakarta City
2011-2012 Anthropological Approach in Diversity of People’s Knowledge System Slopes of Mount Merapi
2012 Review of the Protection of Cultural Diversity Expression
2013 Model Development of Strengthen Community Participation and Support to Improve Children’s Access to Education Quality
2014 Cultural Acculturation Studies in Indonesia
2015 Model Development of Strengthen Community Participation and Support to Improve Children’s Access to Education Quality
2017 Moving Customs Against Wasteful, Research on The Culture of Frugal Living in West Sumba
2017 Cultural Heritage Preservation Research in Central Kalimantan