Library & Reference Service

The Anthropology Library or Perpustakaan Antro is located at the 5th floor of Gedung Soegondo located adjacent to the meeting room and students workroom. Anthropology Library is one of the facilities owned by the department to support the students for seeking references with vast and complete collections range from classical to contemporary anthropology books, Indonesian and foreign anthropology books (such as English, Dutch, and Japanese). There is also thesis (undergraduate and graduate) and dissertation collections that is neatly arranged to be used by students as additional reference material.

Opening Hours

Anthropology Library is open at 08.00-16.00 WIB on weekdays, Monday to Friday. While on Saturday the library remains open at 08.00-12.00 WIB for borrowing and returning collection books. However, students are allowed to use the library room until 20.00 WIB as a place to study and read.

Amenities of Library

The library room is not limited only for seek, borrow, or read books as scientific references, but can also be used as a study and work space. The library room has five computers equipped with internet connections to facilitate and support student learning activities. The collection of books and scientific journals in the library can be accessed through each available computer. In each computer has been equipped with a catalog of books available in the library circulation room. Students can also access and order the books authored by department lecturer. In addition, students can also take advantage of printing facilities available in the library room to support students to complete lecture assignments. Research and student journals can also be conducted in anthropology libraries.

Borrowing Procedures

Students who will borrow reference books in the library collection must be registered as active students majoring in Anthropology both S1, S2, and S3. Students can search for the books they need by looking at the catalog then looking for them on the collection circulation rack. If you have difficulty, students can ask the library staff for help. To be able to borrow books for seven days, students must record the student’s name and parent number to the loan book and the reversal of the book collection accompanied by proof of valid student id card. The loan period can be extended, if there is a delay it will be subject to a fine.

Anthropology Department Library Collection Catalog: [DOWNLOAD] (as of February 20, 2017)

Department of Anthropology Library Collection Catalog (As of February 20, 2017)