Podcasts and Videos related to Plantation Life

2022Hidup Bersama Raksasa: Manusia dan Pendudukan Perkebunan SawitKanal Pengetahuan FIB UGM
2022Diskusi EKBUDBANG: Launching dan Bedah Buku Hidup Bersama RaksasaDepartemen Sains Komunikasi dan Pengembangan Masyarakat (SKPM) IPB
2022Diskusi Buku "Plantation Life/Hidup Bersama Raksasa" oleh Tania Li dan Pujo SemediSekretariat AAI
2022Gatty Lecture Series: Plantation Life: Corporate Occupation in Indonesia’s Plantation ZoneSoutheast Asia Program, Cornell University
2022Why are plantations so destructive?EXALT Podcast
2022Histories and futures in monocrop palm oil plantationPublic Anthropologist (PUAN) Podcast
2022Book launch and seminar | Plantation life: Corporate occupation in Indonesia’s palm oil zoneKITLV/Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies
2022Ethnography in Rural Indonesia: in Conversation with Dr. Tania LiEthnographic Marginalia and New Books Network
2021Main Ideas in 'Plantation Life: Corporate Occupation in Indonesia's Oil Palm Zone' (2021)Recorded for Plantation Life's website
2021ASEAS(UK) in conversation with the authors of Plantation LifeASEAS(UK)
2021“Panel 1: Plantations and Control: Mechanisms and Meanings” Conversation on the Plantationocene, Cornell University
2021“Agrarian Questions Interview with Tania Murray Li” Journal of Agrarian Change
2021“Colonial Land Legacies: Questions and Insights from Southeast Asia” International Symposium, Lusophone Land Legacies in Comparative Perspective, University of Saskatchewan
2021“Following the Plantation: Law and Human Rights in Indonesia 1870-2020”The Van Vollenhoven Lecture, Leiden University
2020“Corporations and development: Lessons from Indonesia’s plantation zone” Agrarian Change Seminar, Department of Development Studies, SOAS University of London
2020Dongeng Kebun Sawit Bagian 1Materi kuliah, Departemen Antropologi, FIB UGM
2020Dongeng Kebun Sawit Bagian 2Materi kuliah, Departemen Antropologi, FIB UGM
2019“When the land is needed, but the people are not” Interview with Tania LiOpen Science Meeting, Global LAND Programme, Bern, Switzerland
2019“When the land is needed, but the people are not” Keynote lectureOpen Science Meeting, Global LAND Programme, Bern, Switzerland
2019“Exploring Plantation Worlds: Towards Ethnographic Collaboration”Center for Ethnographic Research, UC Berkeley
2019“What Is Land? A Conversation with Tania Murray Li, Rafael Marquese, and Monica White”Edge Effects, Center for Culture, History, and Environment, University of Wisconsin, Madison
2017“El impacto social de la palma aceitera en Indonesia” with Tania Li La Mula Reportajes, Peru
2017“New trends in Land Inequality: Oxfam speaks with Tania Li, Ph.D” Oxfam Peru
2015“Lecture: Infrastructural violence and the monopoly system in Indonesia’s oil palm plantation zone” MSH SUD France
2014“Land Grabs and the Politics of Biofuels” Center for International Studies, Program on the Global Environment and Environment, Agriculture and Food Working Group
2012“Land Grabbing Interview with Tania Li”International Conference on Global Land Grabbing II, Cornell University
2012“Lecture: The ‘Big Question’ on Land Grabs with Tania Li” International Conference on Global Land Grabbing II, Cornell University
2011“Plenary Panel - Conceptual perspectives on land grabbing and the politics of agrarian change” International Conference on Global Land Grabbing I, Cornell University