Since its establishment in 1964, anthropology has graduated more than 2,750 scholars, while the Master of Anthropology study program since 1994 has graduated more than 440 masters. Some graduates have internship experience and participate in research along with researchers from outside the region and abroad, because before obtaining a permanent job generally graduates in the first and second years are needed by research institutions to become research assistants. Generally graduates work as researchers in government institutions, business or private sector institutions, donor agencies, and NGOs. Graduates who continue up to graduate level typically work as lecturers, researchers, and NGO activists.

Alumni Percentage Graph

Here is a doughnut chart that presents alumni data of the Department of Anthropology fib UGM based on gender, length of study period, and employment sector. Also displayed is a brief data of alumni who have filled out biodata in the alumni database, in the form of full name, nickname, year of class, and year of graduation. Please click the sections below according to the data you want to know / see.

Data of Alumni Who Have Signed Up

Alumnus who has filled out the registration form on the Alumni Registration page will be displayed brief data in the form of name and year of the class. This table is sorted by year of force or year of entry. For those who are not already listed on the list below please register immediately, click here.