Global Mobility Erasmus +

What is Erasmus Credit Mobility?

(Global Mobility/International Credit Mobility)

  • Short-term studies abroad that count to a degree back home

If you have been accepted as an Erasmus+ student in a Global Mobility project (from Norway, Austria or Netherlands), please read this information.

Erasmus+ Grant

The exchange rate is constant throughout the project period.

For the project period 2018-20, € 1 = IDR 14.000. This concerns students from Norway, Bolivia, South-Africa, Sri Lanka, China and Albania.


Faculty of Cultural Sciences – UGM will help incoming students to find their accommodation.  Private boarding house at reasonable price can be found easily next to Universitas Gadjah Mada campus.


The participant shall have adequate insurance coverage. Mandatory insurance coverage is health insurance. In addition, travel insurance is highly recommended.


The Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia is the central agency for immigration administration in Indonesia.

There are two ways in obtaining Limited Stay Visas for international students who wish to study in Indonesia.

  1. International students who are still in their country of origin and will visit Indonesia with the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS)/one year visa Procedure:
  2. After the issuance of study permit by the Foreign Affairs Bureau and the National Education Ministry, the university requests a Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) for international students from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta. The University or its representative can help arrange the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) if students submit: • 3 passport-size photographs • a copy of valid passport • a curriculum vitae or resume
  3. The Director General of Immigration issues the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) through the Indonesian embassy/consulate in their home country
  4. International Students apply for the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) through the Indonesian embassy/consulate in their home country
  5. With the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS), international students may visit Indonesia and the respective university.
  6. The university submits the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) and requests the Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) from the local Immigration Office and Police Registration Card (SKLD) from the local Police Station.
  7. Applicants visiting Indonesia with the Social-Cultural Visit Visa Procedure:
  8. Applicants may use the Social-Cultural Visit Visa from Indonesian embassy/consulate and the study permit to enroll in the university.
  9. If the applicant is admitted, the university will request a study permit from the Ministry of National Education
  10. After the study permit has been issued, the university will request the local immigration office to convert the immigration status of the Social-Cultural Visit Visa to the VITAS.
  11. The head of the Local immigration office will send the conversion proposal to the Immigration Central Office in Jakarta through the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
  12. The Immigration Central Office in Jakarta can only give approval on the conversion request after the students have stayed for 2 months.
  13. Subject to approval for conversion, students may apply for the KITAS from the local immigration office and the Police registration card from the local Police Station.

In order to extend the stay permit, the university will regularly request an extension of the KITAS of its international students on a yearly basis from the local immigration office based on the duration of the permit. The University will forward the KITAS to the Directorate General of Higher Education. Arrangement of KITAS for international students studying in institutions which are not under the National Education Ministry will be handled by the institutions themselves. Once the extended stay permit is granted, the international students should obtain the SKLD.

Required Documents

Please see the list of documents you must hand in

The letter confirms that you are guaranteed student housing, and that you will get an Erasmus+ Grant. You will therefore not need to present a housing contract.

Visa expenses will be covered by an extra scholarship. Please start your visa application process as soon as possible, and contact Ms. Swety Firmanti ( when you have registered your visa application at the Indonesian Embassy.

Please do not use an agent for the visa process, as the grant will only cover the visa fee itself, and no service costs.